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Do you want a career that will give you a chance to use your hands as well as your mind and isnít just another 9-5 desk job?

Do you want to be paid to get qualified rather than run up student debt?

Do you want to work for a company that invests in its employees through comprehensive training programmes to deliver excellence?

Do you want to train for a career with prospects that can take you to the top?

Are you ready to strike out on your own and enjoy the independence of living away from home?

Then you want to be a Network Rail Apprentice Engineer.

What is an Engineer?

An engineer applies their knowledge of maths, science and the world about them to solve practical problems in the real world. Engineers are fascinated by how things work from how bridges stay up with hundreds of tons of cars on them to what keeps a space station in orbit. Engineers are found in many walks of life not least at Network Rail.

Who is Network Rail?

Network Rail is an engineering company formed to revitalise Britainís railways. We maintain, improve and upgrade every aspect of the railway infrastructure, including:

  • The track
  • Signalling systems
  • Bridges
  • Viaducts
  • Tunnels
  • Level crossings
  • Stations

What do Engineers do in Network Rail?

Engineers are responsible for making sure that the track, signals, structures and power supply deliver a reliable and safe rail network. They use their extensive knowledge to ensure that millions of passengers get to their destination with the minimum of fuss. They investigate problems and deliver solutions.

How does the apprenticeship work?

An Apprenticeship in Railway Engineering has been designed to provide the full range of technical skills and knowledge necessary to be part of a team of skilled engineers.

How do I apply?

Network Rail will have more information about forthcoming Apprenticeships programmes in January 2006.

Please check our website for updated information.

Network Rail Opportunities

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NTAR - Setting the standard

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