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Brookfield Rail - Australia

With over $500 million worth of investment planned, and freight volumes expected to increase by around 45% in the next two years, Brookfield Rail is a rapidly expanding company with outstanding employment opportunities. Part of Brookfield, the international asset management group, Brookfield Rail manages the rail infrastructure throughout the southern half of Western Australia.

About Brookfield Rail

From Geraldton in the north, to Leonora and Kalgoorlie in the east, and south to Esperance, Albany and Bunbury, Brookfield Rail's 5,100 kilometre rail network spans an area twice the size of Great Britain.

Brookfield Rail is one of the few independent rail infrastructure providers in the world, and is responsible for access management, signalling and communication systems, train control and rail construction and maintenance throughout its network.


Brookfield Rail's network transports a wide range of commodities including grain, alumina, bauxite, iron ore and interstate freight - as well as passengers on the Perth to Kalgoorlie and Perth to Bunbury lines - thus playing a vital role in protecting and growing Western Australia's economy.


Freight volumes on Brookfield Rail's network are expected to increase by approximately 45 per cent over the next two years, from 55 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) to over 80 mtpa.


Brookfield Rail is expanding network capacity to meet the growing demand for open access, multi-user rail infrastructure from resource projects in Western Australia's (WA) South West, Mid-West and Yilgarn regions, along with significant projected increases in inter-state freight volumes.


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