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Rail Job Searching Tips

You can search for jobs with the boolean search options, see below, the additional search fields, see below, or a combination of the two. Try to use only one or two of the additional fields as using too many may narrow down your search too much and result in a very small number of suitable jobs being found.

Boolean Search Tips.

Our boolean search enables you to target the jobs you are looking for, see the table below:

Use To Search For Example
AND Both words within the job description signal AND designer
OR Either word within the job description signal OR designer
AND NOT First word only, not the second signal AND NOT designer
* Words with the same prefix Signal* = signalling, signaller etc.


  1. Our default search is an AND so signal designer would yield the same results as typing signal and designer.
  2. Our default search doesn’t include stemming, so if you wanted to find all jobs with the prefix signal then please include the *signal*
  3. You can group terms together i.e. signal and designer and not cad = (signal and designer) and not cad.
  4. Only alphanumeric (a-z 0-9) and the '&' symbol are included in our search index.
  5. The only non-alphanumeric allowed is the '&' symbol which is used for "S&T" etc.


If you are searching for a job outside the UK select Worldwide or Europe as applicable. Within the UK you can narrow down the results to a region or city. For example choosing 'England / South East All' will match jobs in East Sussex, Essex, Greater London, Kent, Surrey and West Sussex.


To search jobs by company select the company interested in from the pull down list. You must include keywords as part of the search.

Job Type

Technical - Office based positions i.e. Project Manager, Electrification Engineer and Safety Engineer.
Construction - Site based positions i.e. Track Worker, Fitter and Testing and Installation Engineer.
Operations - Operations positions i.e. Control Room Operator, Train Driver and Signaller.
Customer Facing - i.e. Train Crew Manager, Station Announcer and Call Centre Staff.


If you want to earn £25,000 per year. Enter 25,000 in the salary box then select 'per year' from the drop down menu. You can choose to search different frequencies of payment 'per hour', 'per week', 'per month' or 'per year'.

Sort by

By default the search results are sorted by a 'most relevance' scoring system that tries to place the most suitable positions at the top of the results. You can change this to list the results in order of salary (highest first), location (Worldwide, Europe, UK, UK region /city), job title (alphabetical) or when the job was posted to the site (most recent first).

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