Text 'STREET' To '70007' Today!!

Text 'STREET' To '70007' Today!!

11 Aug 2010

Thousands of children still sleep on the streets because they're too affraid to go home.

Every year in the UK 100,000 children under the age of 16 run away from home.

They've run away or been forced to leave to escape he violence, substance abuse or neglect that has become part of normal family life.

These children are living on our streets because there's nowhere else to go and no one left to turn to.

They are not being reached by the social care system or other children's organisations. They are being let down. By their families, by society, by all of us.

Our newly published research gives a rare insight into lives of these forgotten children, many of whom are never reported missing. It has revelaed numerous ways in which we can make a real difference to their lives.

Your donation will help provide the support they need. Just £4 will help Railway Children reach out to a child on our streets.

To donate simply text 'STREET' to 70007

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