WyvernRail Buys Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

WyvernRail Buys Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

20 May 2005

WyvernRail has purchased Ecclesbourne Valley Railway. WyvernRail agreed a fifteen year lease-purchase deal with Network Rail in 2003.

Nottingham based Central Trains driver and volunteer Ecclesborne Railway driver Martin Bromley stands with bubble car 55006 at Duffield stationFor the line to pass wholly into the company’s ownership two steps needed to be taken: the passing of a Transport and Works Order to supplement the Light Railway Order granted to the company in 1996 and the payment of a nominal sum to seal the deal.

“The line belongs to us all now,” says John Snell, WyvernRail’s chairman. “Paying-off the lease this early gives us the freedom to develop the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway as a true community railway and it is a testament to the commitment of our volunteers and shareholders that we have achieved this major milestone so soon.”

Last year WyvernRail started passenger services to Gorsey Bank and this year will extend northwards to Ravenstor. The company plans to open three more miles of line to Idridgehay. Securing title to the line from Network Rail allows WyvernRail to redouble its efforts to raise funds to reopen the whole line and this summer will see the start of a major fundraising effort.

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