Angel's HST Power Cars

Angel's HST Power Cars

Angel Trains has unveiled the first of what could become a fleet of re-engined HST power cars. The work was undertaken at Brush Traction Works.

Angel Trains power unit 43009, now ready for a six month test periodTwo power cars have been fitted with MTU 16v 4000 engines as part of a £1.5m trial. 43004 and 43009 recently came off lease to First Group, giving Angel Trains and Brush Traction a unique opportunity to launch an ambitious project of engine replacement work in conjunction with MTU Friedrichshafen. Angel Trains plans to extend the life of its HST fleet a further ten years – until the HST2 comes into production.

Both power cars go back to First Group and will undergo a six month test period. Performance of the new MTU power unit, the first MTU engine of this type to power a vehicle in the UK, will be closely scrutinised. Once a clear programme is in place for the procurement and introduction of HST 2 and performance data from the two power cars has been analysed, Angel Trains will announce a project upgrade schedule.

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