Incremental Output Statements

Incremental Output Statements

Incremental Output Statements

As part of the last access charges review, the Regulator made specific allowance for reviews of two enhancement programmes expected to deliver early improvements across the network. The SRA set out its requirements for these programmes in a set of Incremental Output Statements (IOS). The Stations IOS programme (also known as the Modern Facilities at Stations – MFAS – programme) is intended to deliver new facilities at stations across the network including improvements to passengers’ personal security, and to information systems, waiting facilities and toilets. The Track and Signalling IOS programme consists of a number of relatively small schemes delivering improvements to capacity, journey time and operational flexibility.

Stations IOS programme and interim review

Following extensive development work on the Stations IOS programme by Network Rail and further negotiations between the SRA and Network Rail, in July 2002, the Regulator consulted on the question of whether the Stations IOS interim review should begin. Following widespread support for the review, the Regulator formally initiated the review process in December 2002 and published his provisional conclusions on the efficient price for the first stage of the programme in April 2003. He expects to reach final conclusions for this stage in June 2003.

Track and Signalling IOS

The implementation of the Track and Signalling IOS programme has been delayed, partly as a result of constraints on industry signalling resources. Following a review of major investment projects by the SRA last year, the Regulator now understands that the SRA wishes Network Rail to take forward a limited number of the schemes within the programme. The Regulator is currently discussing with the SRA how to treat and implement these schemes.

This programme was designed by the SRA following detailed consultation with stakeholders and the industry and includes:

  • track and signalling schemes at over 100 locations to provide improved capacity, journey times or reliability;
  • modern facilities at 1,000 stations, with improvements such as waiting rooms, toilets, security and information systems.

The definition and funding of the schemes is well advanced, and discussions are in hand with Railtrack and the Administrators to ensure they are taken forward. The programme is designed to be fully completed in 2007, at a capital cost of around £700m.

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