Kirow Rail Crane

Kirow Rail Crane

Latest Kirow Rail Crane arrives in UK
The Kirow Rail Crane, ready to commence full production dutiesCarillion Transport’s new Kirow Rail Crane, Type KRC 1200 UK arrived at Toton on schedule on 11th July 2005. Carillion chose the KRC 1200 UK as it incorporates the most advanced rail crane design and materials technology available today. Harnessed to Kirow’s engineering expertise in meeting Carillion’s exacting performance specification and conforming to UK Railway Group Standards, Carillion believe that this crane offers the ultimate on-rail lift and carry capability in a highly flexible configuration which can work on virtually any worksite.
The crane is a 1200 tonne load metre moment rail mounted crane, having numerous design features including;

  • An integral safety management system (PAT) to monitor and control all lifting duties both free on rail and propped.
  • A self-levelling device which allows the full duties to be utilised on track cant up to 160mm.
  • Ability to operate at full duties with boom horizontal, allowing long and heavy loads to be carried free on rail.
  • Main boom maximum radius of 24m, allowing maximum duty free on wheels, radius 24m - 36.5t or a maximum propped duty of 125t at 9.5m radius.
  • A range of lifting beams
    Delivered with the crane and the associated runner wagons, a range of lifting beams will be carried by the crane unit to meet specific client and company requirements on individual worksites.

Additionally Carillion own and operate a fleet of PEM and LEM track handling units. To facilitate the handling of these units on site, Kirow have designed and built a lifting beam, to Carillion specification, which can be attached to the KRC 1200 UK. Given the KRC 1200 UK duty capability of up to 39m radius (with fixed jib extension) and 360º rotation, this will provide unprecedented flexibility for site access, egress and repositioning of the PEM and LEM units.
This facility has been provided as Carillion envisage that on some sites the KRC 1200 UK and the PEM/LEM units can be used to complement each other, increasing productivity and enhancing even further the quality of service to the client.

A dedicated nine-man team comprising of Supervisors and Operator/Maintainers have completed all necessary training with the manufacturer and the Crane Unit will commence full production duties at the end of August 2005.

To discuss the capabilities of the Carillion KRC 1200 UK and PEM LEM track handling units, contact Mark Ray, Heavy Lift Engineering Manager on 07803 975554.

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