Larkhall - Milngavie Re-Opening of Lines

Larkhall - Milngavie Re-Opening of Lines

Brief Description of Project & Background
The project is split between 2 sites, one site to the North of Glasgow (Anniesland) & one site to the South of Glasgow (Larkhall). Both sites are being constructed on lengths of disused railway redundant for the last 25 - 30 years.

Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive & Network Rail wish to re open the line between Larkhall and Hamilton to provide a half hourly Monday to Saturday service to Dalmuir via Glasgow Central Low Level.

Larkhall Site
The proposed line has utilised the disused rail line between Haughhead Junction and Larkhall, with signalling control from Motherwell. A 4.7km 25kV a.c. single phase electrified branch line (Larkhall line) has been constructed between Haughhead Junction and the former Larkhall Central Station, as a single line Railway, incorporating a passing loop at Allanton to cater for peak hour demand.

The North end of the loop is approximately 1.2km from the Junction, with a loop length of approximately 400 metres and twin tracks at Larkhall Station. Two and three aspect colour light signalling will be used on the Larkhall Branch Line. The maximum Line speed will be 60 mph, and signalling control is via a new 2Mhz solid state interlocking (SSI), located at Motherwell Signalling Centre.

Anniesland Site
The second part of the scheme is to re-open the Glasgow Northern Suburban Line between Maryhill Park Junction and Anniesland. The plan is to provide a half hourly Monday to Saturday service between Glasgow Queen Street and Anniesland. This removes the need for the existing Maryhill train service turning back at Westerton, allowing the Larkhall train service access to the Milngavie Branch Line.

The proposed line uses the disused railway between Maryhill and Anniesland, with the length of the new branch line at 1.6 kilometres. The Glasgow North Suburban Line is not electrified. Two-aspect signalling is employed on the Anniesland Branch Line. The maximum line speed for the branch is 40 mph, and signalling control is via the existing Eastfield 1Mhz solid state interlocking (SSI), located at Cowlairs Signalling Centre.

Both sites are multi disciplinary involving earthworks, structures upgrades, structures new build, station construction, track works, overhead line works, signalling & telecommunications works. Anniesland Branch was completed & commissioned (fit for line speed) on 4th April 2005. Larkhall is due to be completed & commissioned over three weekends in July ending on 25th July 2005.

Passenger services are due to be running by the end of this year, and the total costs of the scheme will be around £25 million.

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