Martello Shakespeare and Abbotscliffe

Martello Shakespeare and Abbotscliffe

Back in April, the line between Dover and Folkestone was closed for repairs by Skanska, and it is still closed.

Work in the tunnels so far has included repointing and repairing the ageing brickworkd with bolts drilled into the tunnel walksA bus replacement service has been running ever since, but the end is in sight. By September 5th all three of the one hundred and sixty year old tunnels, Martello, Shakespeare and Abbotscliffe, will have been repaired.

Five kilometres of track will have been relayed in one of them, and brickwork repairs and pointing will have been done in all three. Some brickwork is also being tied back using rock bolts, drainage is being repaired and/or renewed. In one tunnel damage was so severe, that the tunnel lining is being reinstated and strengthened using reinforced concrete sprayed lining.

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